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I'm Sabrina Ko (she/they),
a front end developer
working in health-tech.
I'm passionate about learning continously, creating products that add meaningful value to the users' lives, and uniting my arts background and critical problem solving skills to develop enjoyable code. My hope is my work as a software engineer brings about meaningful social change, and is accessible to all who need it.

Currently, I'm a software engineer at HealthVerity.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, crafting, and finding the best pickles. I live in Philadelphia with my cat, Milo.

If you'd like to learn more about my professional history, click here for my resume.

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Color Journal (Github)
- Created React app with Firebase backend for logging moods through colors with optional text notes
- Set up email authentication and database rules to restrict access to data to only show information related to logged in user
Alarm Watch (Github)
- Developed C++ application for ESP32 microcontroller within a LilyGO TTGO T-Watch to create a smartwatch with multi-alarm functionality, wifi RTC sync, and power management
- Deployed using PlatformIO plugin in VSCode, prototyped in Arduino IDE
Portfolio Website (Github)
- Researched standard practices for accessible website design and implemented visually accessible color palette and site hierarchy structure
- Utilized vanilla HTML/CSS/Javascript to experiment with building without frameworks and libraries
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